GIFCon 2022 Fantasy Across Media Workshops

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Registration for workshops is now open for GIFCon attendees!

Workshops have limited availability so you must sign up in order to attend.
The two workshops that GIFCon are offering this year happen concurrently on Day 2 Thursday April 28th from 11:10-12:25.

After you have registered for your workshop, an email will be sent with instructions. Registration links for the workshops are included in the programme in the conference packet but you will not receive Zoom links to join them unless registered.

Unlike the panels, the workshops will not be recorded so we ask you only register for a workshop you can attend live to allow for the spaces to be filled with active participants. Spaces are limited, so please make sure you sign up for only one workshop. Hope to see you there!

We are pleased to offer the following workshops this year:

Small Tools, Small Games, Small Memories

Up to 15 can participate in this workshop – sign up here.

When video games are discussed both in and outside of academia, one much-prevailing narrative that surfaces in conversation is that developing interactive pieces is almost always a huge undertaking requiring sizable teams of developers with decades of expertise and knowledge.

This is not all there is to video game development and video game making, however. “Small tools” such as Adam Le Doux’s Bitsy and Chris Klimas’ Twine make it possible to create impactful narrative-focused games that invite makers with little to no familiarity with game development practices to the table.

This workshop is open to those who are interested in making narrative games, but are less or not at all familiar with industry-standard technology to start. Using either Bitsy or Twine, participants of the workshop will focus on finding ways to tell an interactive story centred around a memory. They will be introduced to each tool and the simplest ways to use them, and will be invited to create their own game during the workshop which they can finish or polish afterwards. Finished pieces can then be published and displayed in an collection and the GIFCon website.


Fruzsina Pittner is a designer, writer and illustrator completing her PhD at Dundee University. Her concept art and illustrations have featured in a number of game projects, and she has worked on a number of original digital comics and short stories, as well as collaborative write-ups of research projects, and delivering public-facing and industry talks and workshops. She has a passion not only for powerful storytelling aiding social change, but for accessibility: of information, tools, stories, services and people.

Publishing Your Papers: Taking Your Student Essays and Conference Papers to the Next Level 

20-25 people can participate in this workshop – sign up here.

University of Glasgow published academic Gabriel Elvery leads a workshop guiding you through the mysterious process of academic publishing – helping you to give your essays and papers the glow-up they deserve, in anticipation of finding them homes in journals or books. Gabriel is joined by the Editor in Chief of the UofG’s own student journal for fantasy, who will be available to answer questions, and tempt you to submit!  

This workshop is suitable for students who are new to academic publishing.  

Please bring an abstract of a paper you would like to receive feedback on and edit for publication.  


Gabriel Elvery is an LKAS PhD funded researcher at the University of Glasgow. They joined Glasgow to complete their Fantasy MLitt, and prior to that completed their Undergrad Degree in English and Comparative Literary Studies at The University of Warwick. Their current research project is focused on theorising applied player-reception theory for the Digital Fantastic in video games and considering the uses of this theory as a teaching tool. They are a co-organiser of the Game Studies at Glasgow reading group, Vice Editor of Press Start Journal and a member of the Games and Gaming Lab at The University of Glasgow. 

Oliver Langmead is the Editor in Chief of Mapping the Impossible: Journal for Fantasy Research. He is a doctoral candidate at the University of Glasgow, where he is researching terraforming and ecological philosophy, and in late 2018 he was the writer in residence at the European Space Agency’s Astronaut Centre in Cologne. Oliver is the author of Glitterati, published May 2022, and Birds of Paradise, out now, and his long-form poem, Dark Star, featured in the Guardian’s Best Books of 2015. 

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