Puck’s Players Presents: Nicholas Stuart Gray’s The Seventh Swan

You never know where magic can be found, even in the Lowlands…

Puck’s Players Presents: Nicholas Stuart Gray’s The Seventh Swan

July 7th and 8th, Govanhill Parish Church

Poster design by Georgia Zachari

Amateur theatre company Puck’s Players present a stage production of Nicholas Stuart Gray’s The Seventh Swan. Puck’s Players was originally formed in 2020 by Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic members Marita Arvaniti and Chris Lynch-Becher with the aim to stage and perform fantasy theatre. This is their second production, after a successful staging of Terry Pratchett’s The Truth, adapted by Steven Briggs in the summer of 2022.  

Written by beloved Scottish fantasy novelist and playwright Nicholas Stuart Gray in 1962, The Seventh Swan tells the story of Alasdair, a young man cursed with a swan’s wing for a right arm. This unique sequel to Hans Christian Andersen’s beloved fairytale “The Wild Swan” relocates the story to the clan times of 16th Central Scotland. Could Alasdair ever feel human again? Could he forget the freedom of the sky? Mixing witchcraft, family drama, and high adventure, the exploits of Alasdair, Fenella and the mercenary Ewen are a poignant blend of humour, excitement, and tragedy.

Puck’s Players promise audiences a classic family tale filled to the brim with adventure and romance, tragedy and heroism! Get your free ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-seventh-swan-tickets-612262663107

This production is free, or pay what you can. Any proceeds will be used to cover production costs/pay toward future productions. If you are getting a free ticket, and want to support Puck’s Players, please visit our Ko-fi page to donate: https://ko-fi.com/pucksplayers


  • Ewen – Diego Benedetti
  • Alasdair – Meg MacDonald
  • Lady Agnes – Gabi Matic
  • Ranald of Kinrowan – Nathan Protopapas
  • Fenella – Lark McManus
  • Hudart – Chris Lynch-Becherer
  • The Bocan – Anika Klose
  • Black Fergus – Grace Worm
  • The Spaewife – Laura Lynch-Becherer & Amber Pasternack

Directed by Marita Arvaniti 

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