Rewarding Fantasy Research

by Oliver Langmead, Editor in Chief of Mapping the Impossible

At Mapping the Impossible, we are so excited to announce that we are taking a significant first step towards appropriately rewarding the authors of the papers we publish.

Launched earlier this year, Mapping the Impossible is a brand new open-access student journal publishing peer-reviewed early career research into fantasy, affiliated with and supported by the University of Glasgow’s Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic. We are open to submissions for our second issue now.

Renumeration for publication remains notoriously poor in academia. Thanks to generous support from the Centre for Fantasy and the Fantastic, we are proud to be working towards remedying the situation by offering a reward for each paper we publish. On this, the editorial board of Mapping the Impossible and the core team of the Centre agree: publishing research for recognition alone should not be the standard.

As of today, we are pleased to be able to offer a £20 digital voucher (most likely for Amazon, but we are open to providing book tokens) for each paper we publish. This will be available to all scholars (in the UK and internationally), and distributed upon the publication of each paper we accept. Additionally, we have managed to secure funding for our forthcoming first issue, to be released in late January, and all of our current authors will receive vouchers.

Obviously, this is a both literal and figurative token reward, and is not intended to reflect adequate payment for all the hard work the researchers we publish put into their papers. But by providing these tokens, we are doing a number of important things. Firstly, we are putting Centre funds directly into the hands of fantasy researchers, to reward the hard work they are doing to enrich the field. Secondly, we are incentivising other journals to adopt similar policies. And thirdly, of course, we are further encouraging fantasy researchers (like you!) to consider taking the time to submit your paper to us. We’d love to read it.

One day, we hope to be able to offer full, appropriate payment for the papers we publish. But we hope you’ll join us in celebrating what amounts to a significant first step towards that. And to other journals, we say: if we can do it, so can you.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or wondering whether your paper would be eligible for our journal, please check out our website here: and our page on payments here:

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